Thursday, April 3, 2014

CHATROOM #2: Blogshop Owner // Trendy Bellaz
Bobo, Blogshop Owner of Trendy Bellaz
Dress: Trendy Bellaz

Tell us who's behind Trendy Bellaz and how it came about
It's basically just me. :) My sister and boyfriend will always help me out whenever I am away/busy/having bazaar! As cliche as it may sound, Trendy Bellaz was sort of established because of my love for online shopping! Love the excitement of receiving parcels right to my doorstep a few years back when I first discovered online shopping and of course...the thrill of trying on new dresses!

The thoughts of starting a blogshop/online store strikes in when I thought of sharing the clothing design I personally would wear to more girls out there. Definitely one of the best decisions I have made during my uni life. It has been a fun and exciting journey so far!

We heard that it's not an easy task being a blogshop owner.
What's the biggest challenge so far?
It's certainly not as simple and easy as it may appear to be. Constantly striving to bring in fashionable clothing with superb quality at affordable price range is one of the biggest challenge we are facing right now. We have encountered various types of suppliers; some with awesome collection while some are just outrageously overpriced. Still on a constant look out for reliable fashion suppliers which share the mind as us because we believe that looking good doesnt have to cost a bomb!

Feedback from lovely regular customers that our products are of awesome quality and reasonably priced always motivate us to keep moving forward :)

Any favourite item from your store that you would like to share?
This is a tough one hmm. My recent favourite would be the Floral Sweetheart Bustier Dresses launched under Premium Collection! There is more than 20 floral designs to choose from and each design came in limited pieces. So much love for the sweetheart bustier cutting and also how well they always fit!

Psst.. Trendy Bellaz is having Flash Sale Friday (every friday) and Sunday Special (every Sunday) only on Instagram (@trendybellaz_blogshop) and Facebook (Trendy Bellaz). 
Do follow them now as a little bird told us that promo gets pretty crazy sometimes! ;)

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