Monday, April 14, 2014

TIPS: On maxi and midi skirts!

Fashionable, flattering, versatile, comfortable and chic wardrobe staple,
these maxi and (its awkward younger sister) midi skirts are hard not to love!
They're perfect for almost any occasion and could even be worn for day-to-night outfit
depending on how you pair it with!

What makes this trend tricky is when the skirt hits you at the wrong place!
And not forgetting the (lovely) plus point when you could even use these skirts 
to disguise your tummy by wearing it high-waisted! ;)

Here are some style inspiration of how fashion bloggers all over the world
style their midi & maxi skirts!


Get yours today at:

Mishkka, RM35

Sweet Grocery, RM36 | RM38

Free Postage! 

Free Postage!

Gold Apple, RM39.90
Milktee, RM59
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Whitesoot, RM65

Free Postage!


Any other online blogshops who are having it, 
feel free to comment with your url! ;)

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