Sunday, May 11, 2014


Summer wouldn’t be complete without a hint of romance, 
and this can easily be achieved by donning some beautiful prints!
Mishkka has freshly launched their new Summer collection
with lots of exciting pieces waiting for you to bring them home! 
What's more when everything featured in this post is in 
the crazy affordable price range of RM35 - RM59 only! ;)

Loose fit casual tops with beautiful floral prints,
with a chic leather piping detail on the second piece!
Pair it with shorts for any lazy days or maxi skirt for a feminine touch!

And more pretty prints you could expect in store!
Offering a wide array of color choices and style that you could definitely, 
effortlessly find your desired piece that suits your style!
Love that edgy first piece with the combination of floral & geometric print!

As for the minimalist lovers, they do have something for you too!
From basic crop tops to denim flare midi skirts, they have it all covered!

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Valid only till 31 May 2014
Not forgetting, FREE SHIPPING for all Malaysian shoppers! 

Shop the latest Summer collection at Mishkka today!
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