Monday, December 1, 2014

TIPS: Festival fashion!

It's the time of the year again! 
Whether you're going Urbanscapes or Penang Island Jazz Festival next weekend,
or even the upcoming rave parties in the days ahead, if you haven't got any ideas on what to wear, here are some outfit inspirations and items for your last minute shopping! ;)  


Random festival-worthy items you could get online:

Iris & Lilies, RM29.90
Rustic Wild, RM45 | O'bambi, RM59
Parsealed, RM59 | Double8, RM38
Let's Tee, RM45 | byJAP, RM49
Nyo, RM35 | Kei Mag, RM59
Uniqlo, RM99.90 | Puppenfee & Co, RM26

Don't forget to be well prepared as it's a rain-or-shine event,
and because mother nature is the one calling the shot!

Here are some stuff you may consider bringing with you:

+ Comfy mud-proof shoes: Forget your new sneakers and fancy platform shoes, it's time to have faith in your old converse, boots and wellies!
+ Outerwear: Time to layer up for the chilly weather and just in case it rains! Parka, raincoat or windbreaker will come in handy plus the well known fact that poncho prices will go crazy over there
+ Backpack: To store all your essentials (and outerwear), because you won't wanna depend on people on your precious belongings
+ Plastic ziploc bags: Because rain and technology are not in good terms
+ And these: Baby wipes/Tissue packs, Facepaint, Temporary tattoos, Glowsticks, Binoculars, Sunglasses, Hats, Powerbank (!!!), Camera, Cash (no ATMs on festival ground, for makan + minum + shopping/guilty pleasure)

Most importantly, be safe and have fun! xx

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