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I'm Michelle here, the only editor behind Shopping Roll, 
thanks for dropping by this humble little website!

Shopping Roll - Malaysia Online Fashion Blogshops Review Site
that was established in the month of March 2009.
Based solely on my own interests, to share my random findings and best bargains in town

to create a platform to ease Malaysian online shoppers in their online shopping journey.
share my random findings and best bargains around town.

How Shopping roll works :
  1. Reviews will normally be done randomly on anything that catches my eyes.
  2. Ctrl/Command + Click on the colored fonts or the image to be directed
    to the particular site of the item you're interested in the reviews.
  3. Check on "Woot Label" from time to time
    for exclusive readers' privileges.
  4. Click "Show All" for more blogshops on your desired category.
    Directory will be updated on weekly basis.
  5. Looking for anything at all? Make use of the "Looking For" service.
  6. Don't forget to follow Shopping Roll's Instagram (@shoppingrollmy)
    for a rather different features + random style inspirations + more!
Any further enquiries and comments,
creative collaboration, partnership opportunities, advertising enquiries,
or even a chat or two, do email me at shoppingroll@gmail.com! ;)

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