Monday, July 19, 2010

Product Review : Isbrow Pink Lady Gloss Cream

Thanks to Michelle from Supermodel's Secret yet again for the products! ;)
So today I'll be talking on this particular item that you would love!

Isbrow Pink Lady Gloss cream is a revolutionary beauty product
that restores your lips & cheeks to its natural pink state,
formulated with Cherry extract and Vitamin C.

The natural ingredients in this product works
to provide moisture and radiance on lips in a minute!
It restores instant pinkness that last all day and there's no need to apply lipstick.
Pink Lady Gloss Cream treats skin discolouration
due to smoking, breastfeeding, ageing and sun exposure.

Pink Lady Gloss Cream natural plant extracts build a hydrating membrane
to soften and moisturize lips and embellish your lips.
It is also a perfect solution for ladies who wish to restore pink color
for discolored lips, cheeks and other parts of the body.

Feel free to check out this video for more information!

Instructions :
  1. Turn the rotator in 2 circles

  2. Apply using the applicator on your lips/cheeks evenly
    or any other parts of your body that you wish.
    & Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute for it to turn pink.
So this is the first try-out on my hand just for fun ;)

& Here's the result on my lips! :)

Before ↑___ || ___ After ↓

I personally really like that unique applicator of the gloss, with the rotator
and brush on so that you could apply it easily, evenly across your lips.
Besides, that pink hue is the major love alright! ♥
Love that it makes my lips look extra healthy with that natural pink shade! ;)

Also, you could definitely treat it as a blusher when you apply on the cheeks,
or apply it on discoloured elbow, knee & etc
so that it would restore the natural pink state, and definitely look healthier!
Ain't that a friendly product for us girls already? :P

Isbrow Pink Lady Gloss cream is priced at
RM69 including Pos Ekspres delivery
at Supermodel's Secret
Spotted it retailing at RM79 in the offline store, so better steal it here already!

By the way, here's another thumbs-up product that I'd totally recommend! ;)
For those who are constantly suffering from dry, chapped lips,
you should totally get one of this USA's best-selling lipbalm :
Carmex - #1 Pharmacist Recommended Lip Balm in USA!

Live by the tagline of "It soothes, It heals, It protects",
Long-lasting, plus it serves as a perfect sunscreen for your lips (SPF15) as well!

Tried it out, and totally love it as it did keep my lips moisturized for almost
one whole day! Plus, I just simply love the slight hints of Strawberry flavour in it!
Btw, it instantly became a must-bring item to wherever I go already! ;)

What's not to grab when it's exclusively made available at Supermodel's Secret?
Priced at only RM16 including Pos Ekspres delivery,
and you could even get RM3 OFF for 2nd unit purchase! ;)
Psst.. you couldn't get it at any drugstore in Asian countries at all as Carmex
refused to distribute in any Asian countries due to some reasons. :/


Do hop over Supermodel's Secret for more information already! ;)

Supermodel's Secrets beauty store
Mobile: 016 280 1990
Facebook page : HERE

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