Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lashes/Brows issue.

Well, sometimes we just gotta admit that we love longer, thicker lashes, don't we?

Now, say goodbye to those brows or eyelashes that are too short!
With Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator,
we could now get a Longer, Fuller & Healthier eyelashes & eyebrows
within the span of few weeks! ;)

Ardell Lash and Brow Accelerator is a product that works
to repair weak eye lashes and restore thickness to thinning and over-tweezed
or waxed eyebrows. The concentrated serum uses multi-proteins
to increase growth as well as additional conditioners that work to
soften dry, brittle eyelashes
so that they are able to grow fuller, longer & thicker.

Fyi, the product is made of 100% natural plant extracts and lecithin,
perfect for ultra-sensitive eyes! ;)

Don't worry as there's no additional skills needed for application!
After face cleansing, brush on to your eyelashes and/or eyebrows.
Leave it overnight before washing it off the next morning.



I have to say this first - Pictures Don't Do Justice!
So sorry for the slightly not-so-convincing pictures as the slight angle problem
that doesn't really show the real deal! T__T But anyway, I personally think that
this product really works well in strengthening and adding extra length to my lashes,
After using it for a few days and I even had few new lashes growing,
especially for the lower part, which is pretty surprising!
Besides, It's was kinda magical to experience the interception of the lashes!
Seeing how both upper & lower lashes could finally interact makes me happy. LOL!

Feel free to view the videos below for more information about the product :

And check out the feedbacks from people around the world :
  1. For an Asian girl, I have pretty long lashes but sparse eyebrows. I wasn't expecting much from this but after only 2 weeks of using this, I can tell quite a difference! On my lower lashes, about 4-5 hairs (per eye) are growing! The top is more difficult to tell but I have noticed that near the corner of my eye, there are new hairs growing as well. It also made my lashes/eyebrows darker which is a big plus.

  2. I know it's been just a week, but I think my lashes got a bit longer. It used to take me 2-3 curls to get my lashes up, but now it takes four! either my shu uemura curling skills just went up a notch or my lashes are longer! I used to have lopsided lashes - left eyelashes look shorter for some reason, but now my they're starting to catch up! oh yeah. I have a thin space in between my brows before, but it somehow dissappeared! It makes lashes longer, but as far as thickness goes, Im not really sure. im a little surprised that this works on me though. I really thought it was just some stupid hype. No irritations on my eyes! yep, will def keep buying. next time I'll make sure to buy LOADS so i can stock up!

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